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Dot Com Children’s Foundation

Dot Com Children’s Foundation runs the Values vs Violence programme which gives children the tools to deal with risky situations and helps them learn how to reach their potential.The programme unites children from all backgrounds and religions by reinforcing good family values in school and helping children practice how to do the right thing. It is a programme developed with the support of the police and teaching professionals and is designed to prevent children from being hurt, victimised or groomed into criminal behaviour.

Using a cartoon character called Dot Com, the programme helps children understand the different risks that life may present and how to make their own choices. Based on the Protective Behaviours Process, children learn that we are all individual and special and we all have the right to feel safe all the time. It gives children skills to communicate with adults by teaching them that we can talk with someone about anything even if it feels awful or small. Children who understand good values learn to make safer choices and are less likely to engage in risky behaviour.

The primary resources are delivered to children aged 5 to 11 through a series of personal journals that each child owns. Local community role models are also encouraged to visit schools to talk to the children about their dreams and aspirations and how they can achieve in life. There is also a Family journal which the children take home and work through with their parents; this reinforces the message that is being delivered in school.

Who is it for:
Children, teachers, parents/carers and police
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