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Accessing NHS Mental Health Services

Source: Mind in Harrow


Source: National Mind

Bipolar Disorder

This fact sheet provides some information on Bipolar Disorder, also known as manicdepression,and on services where help can be sought.
Source: Mind in Harrow

Crisis Support

This factsheet gives information on different kinds of help available. It lists full details of keyHarrow services that can be contacted if you experience a mental health crisis, particularly if it isout of hours (evenings and weekends).
Source: Mind in Harrow


This factsheet has information on depression and on services if you, or someone you are concerned about, is depressed.
Source: Mind in Harrow

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

This fact sheet will give some background information on how drug or alcohol abuse can be linked to mental health problems (also called "dual diagnosis") and how to find help through statutory and voluntary sector organisations in Harrow in addition to national organisations.
Source: Mind in Harrow

Postnatal Depression

This factsheet provides some information on postnatal depression and services that may be of help. Some of the information is taken from National Mind's booklet 'Postnatal Depression'.
Source: Mind in Harrow

Self Harm

This factsheet provides an insight in to self-harm and highlights some of the resources that are available.
Source: Mind in Harrow

Sleeping Difficulties

There are many triggers for poor sleep: for instance your sleeping conditions may be too hot, too cold; certain prescription drugs can cause disturbed sleep; jet lag or shift work; alcohol, nicotine and caffeine; emotional problems; or noise disturbance such as traffic.
Source: Mind in Harrow
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