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Accessing NHS Mental Health Services

Source: Mind in Harrow


This factsheet provides information on grief and bereavement, as well as the support you can get from local and national organisations.
Source: Mind in Harrow

Community care and aftercare

Source: National Mind
Provides links to national websites for general information about dementia anddetails of local statutory and voluntary sector services which may be able to help in Harrow.
Source: Mind in Harrow

Housing & Homelessness

Lists full details of key Harrow services that can be contacted if you need support or advice related to housing for people with mental health problems.
Source: Mind in Harrow

Mind in Harrow Welfare Rights Bulletin

This bulletin is for people experiencing mental health problems who need information on welfare rights and finances
Source: Mind in Harrow

Obsessive Compulsive Disorders

This fact sheet will give some information on Obsessive Compulsive Disorders and how to go about finding help through local statutory and voluntary agencies, in addition to national organizations.
Source: Mind in Harrow

Postnatal Depression

This factsheet provides some information on postnatal depression and services that may be of help. Some of the information is taken from National Mind's booklet 'Postnatal Depression'.
Source: Mind in Harrow

Religion and Spirituality

This fact sheet will give some background information on the significance of an individual’s religion and spirituality in the provision of mental health care.
Source: Mind in Harrow
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