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Accessing NHS Mental Health Services

Source: Mind in Harrow

Bipolar Disorder

This fact sheet provides some information on Bipolar Disorder, also known as manicdepression,and on services where help can be sought.
Source: Mind in Harrow

Crisis Support

This factsheet gives information on different kinds of help available. It lists full details of keyHarrow services that can be contacted if you experience a mental health crisis, particularly if it isout of hours (evenings and weekends).
Source: Mind in Harrow


This factsheet has information on depression and on services if you, or someone you are concerned about, is depressed.
Source: Mind in Harrow

Housing & Homelessness

Lists full details of key Harrow services that can be contacted if you need support or advice related to housing for people with mental health problems.
Source: Mind in Harrow

Personality Disorders

Gives some background information to what Personality Disorder is and how to go about finding help from national organisations.
Source: Mind in Harrow

Phobias and Panic Attacks

Gives some information about phobias and panic attacks and how to find help through local statutory agencies, in addition to national organizations.
Source: Mind in Harrow


This factsheet provides some information on schizophrenia and the services available to help people. Some of the information is taken from National Mind booklet, 'Understanding Schizophrenia'.
Source: Mind in Harrow
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