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This factsheet provides information on grief and bereavement, as well as the support you can get from local and national organisations.
Source: Mind in Harrow

Crisis Support

This factsheet gives information on different kinds of help available. It lists full details of keyHarrow services that can be contacted if you experience a mental health crisis, particularly if it isout of hours (evenings and weekends).
Source: Mind in Harrow

Finding a Therapist or Counsellor

This factsheet will give some background to what counselling and psychotherapy are, and how to go about finding a counsellor or therapist on the NHS, through a voluntary organisation or private.
Source: Mind in Harrow

Self Harm

This factsheet provides an insight in to self-harm and highlights some of the resources that are available.
Source: Mind in Harrow
This is a factsheet on suicide with details of services that offer help
Source: Mind in Harrow
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