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Culture Dementia UK

Culture Dementia UK was previously known as Friends of African/Caribbean Carers and Sufferers of Dementia (FACCSD). It was set up to support carers and sufferers of dementia among the African/Caribbean community and is the only charity of its kind in the UK.

Their principle function is to dispel the myths surrounding Dementia and uphold the dignity of sufferers and of old age. They aim to educate and provide support to carers, educate African/Caribbean communities in the causes of dementia, promote education in all matters relevant to dementia, dispel the stigma surrounding Dementia and provide counselling and respite.

Culture Dementia UK offers home care in partnership with Peace of Mind Home Care Solutions. They can offer assistance persons in need of social and personal care, counselling, domestic services, Caribbean food services and sitting respite services. They can also assist with the essential activities of every day life.

They also offer respite to carers – two to three hours in the carers' own home. The monthly Carers Support Group allows carers to unburden their challenges without feeling guilty or embarrassed, support each other and receive valuable advice and tips from each other and the group. Finally, their weekly drop-in sessions allow early sufferers of dementia and lonely, depressed and isolated elders to spend time with pupils from Crest Boys Academy in Neasden (where this service is held). Participants play games, draw, sew, watch films, sing, dance, share jokes and talk about old times.

Stanmore Business and Innovation Centre, Stanmore Place, Howard Road , Stanmore, HA7 1BT
Area serviced:
Contact name:
Cheryl Jackson
Job title:
Information Officer
0800 014 8682 (respite team), 0800 0048 8686 (home care)
Who is it for:
Members of the African/Caribbean community who are experiencing dementia and their carers.
How to apply:
Contact the organisation directly
79, 186, 340, N98
Canons Park (Jubilee)
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