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London Stalking Support Service

The service focusses on providing non-crisis support to those affected by stalking and by meeting the needs of women with multiple disadvantages - mental health. This is done through a dedicated London Helpline which provides phone and email support to any victim of stalking  via a team of local advocates. It hopes to provide flexible and accessible support through early intervention.

The service also provides various online resources which includes interactive checklists for victims of stalking, advisory films clips, downloadable advice, as well as links and referral pathways to other services.

They also provide low to medium advice and non-crisis advocacy support.

The Foundry , 17-19 Oval Way , London, SE11 5RR
Umbrella org:
Suzy Lamplugh Trust
National Stalking Helpline 0808 802 0300
How to apply:
Contact helpline or online contacts form. Professionals can request referral form directly with victim's consent by emailing
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