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Modern Slavery Helpline and Resource Centre

The Modern Slavery Helpline and Resource centre provides victims, public, statutory agencies and businesses access to information and support on a 24/7 basis.

Victims are able to speak to fully trained Helpline Advisors who can help access relevant services including the National Referral Mechanism.

Statuatory agencies can call for support and guidance with potential victims and accessing information.

Businesses can call for information, advice and concerns of instances in their operations 

Members of the public can report any suspicions or concerns

The Resource Centre provides information, advice and guidance for the public, statutory agencies, businesses and the media

Builds a picture of modern slavery across the UK by drawing on information and data from a range of sources.

Shares this data with relevant statutory agencies to support their efforts in tackling modern slavery and to help prevent further instances occurring

Provides a central directory of services, organisations and materials across the UK and internationally, better signposting individuals and organisations to what is available

Umbrella org:
Area serviced:
0800 0121 700
Opening times:
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Who is it for:
public, victims, professionals and businesses
How to apply:
Call the Helpline number above
Last updated:

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