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Inspirited Minds

Inspirited Minds aims to aid people who suffer from psychological illnesses via supporting them in a professional and confidential manner. Although Inspirited Minds work predominantly with people from an Islamic faith, they do not disregard any persons of differing backgrounds. They offer counselling in various forms: over the telephone, email, Skype or face-to-face.

In many cultures, mental illnesses are still regarded as something to be kept hidden. Inspirited Minds found that this ideology exists amongst the culture of people of an Islamic faith. Therefore, they decided to use Islam as their tool to educate and change this culture of silence. They hope to highlight that mental illnesses are just ‘normal’ as physical illnesses, which require immediate assistance.

PO Box 71616, London, E17 0QX
Area serviced:
Waiting times:
They aim to get back to you in under seven days
Who is it for:
Anyone experiencing mental health issues, but particularly those in the Muslim community
Email counselling, Islamic advice, legal advice and medical advice are free. Other means of counselling will incur a fee after three sessions (face-to-face: £20 per session, Skype and telephone: £15 per session), but funding is available.
How to apply:
Contact them via this form:
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