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Women’s Consortium

The scope of the project provided by Women's Consortium includes helping those who face such difficulties and hence become or feel themselves socially excluded or deprived/ disadvantaged. Women’s Consortium aims to encourage every individual to maximise on all their personal strengths and work towards removing or reducing their difficulties.

Women's Consortium provides therapy sessions and various activities, workshops and training sessions to the public.

The Women’s Consortium are delivering invaluable services such as counselling, mediation
(couple/ family/ group), personal development, mindfulness, advice and guidance, employment
support, training and other holistic well-being support. 


Women's Consortium, 86-90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE
Area serviced:
Centres in London and Birmingham
0300 102 1541 | 0843 886 6771
Who is it for:
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