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Into The Light

Into the Light offers support, counselling, information and resources around the issues of sexual abuse for those who have been abused and those who support them. Its aims are giving information, breaking isolation and sharing experience. It offers help to both male and female survivors.

Into the Light's services include:

- Workshops: open to people who have experienced abuse and their partners and friends as well as counsellors and other professionals
- One to One Counselling: available face to face or via Skype, phone or email
- Courses for Women and Men Survivors: groups, one to one or Skype sessions
- Seminars on sexual abuse: training on how to effectively support those who have been sexually abused
- Seminars on relationships: for social and care organisations, youth work and community groups

PO Box 64427, London, W5 9HA
Who is it for:
People who have been sexually abused and those who support them
Yes, get in contact for details of costs (some concessions may be available)
How to apply:
Community Interest Company
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