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Harrow Care Plus

Harrow Care Plus (incorporating Harrow Christmas Care 1998) has been serving vulnerable, lonely , isolated low income residents in Harrow and signposting them to long-term services throughout the year not for just Christmas.

It is run by a small group of community supporters and volunteers offering community support to those  in difficult situations as a stepping stone for giving hope to rebuild their lives.

The service is run via funds that are donations from the community and a peppercorn charge of low cost fees for any specialist services we may provide such as mentoring volunteers, registering volunteers for extended activities  and any other services to enable us to sustain our services.

Harrow Care Plus exist because of the community support we receive from volunteers and well wishers.

Harrow Care Plus can provide Christmas Hampers, an invite and transport to a Christmas lunch  on Christmas Day and have funds to purchase household goods for those in financial difficulty.

Umbrella org:
Harrow Christmas Care
Area serviced:
Contact name:
Anjie Chhapia
Job title:
Volunteer co-ordinator
07596988037, 02089073154 (leave a message)
Who is it for:
Local residents in crisis for supplying practical help e.g food hamper post hospital discharge, homelessness.
English, Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu,Swahili, Punjabi, German
How to apply:
Self referral by email or phone
Last updated: