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Self Injury Support

Self injury Support (formerly Bristol Crisis Service for Women) supports women in emotional distress. It particularly helps girls and women who harm themselves (often called self-injury). Both of their phone services are confidential and run by female volunteers, for anyone who identifies as a woman.

What they do:

  • They run a UK-wide multi-channel support service for women & girls affected by self-injury, trauma and abuse
  • They develop up-to-date, reliable and free information and self help tools for anyone to use
  • They run training and consultancy to share knowledge and expertise with a wide range of staff, specially in health, social care and education
  • They partner with other organisations and researchers to find out directly from those with lived experienced of self-injury
PO Box 3240, Bristol, BS2 2EF
Area serviced:
0808 800 8088 / TEXT SUPPORT: 07537 432444
Opening times:
Helpline: Tuesday and Thursday 7 pm - 9.30 pm
Who is it for:
Women who harm themselves, often called self-injury.
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