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Watford Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Centre

Watford Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Centre offers non-judgmental support to women and men who have been raped or sexually abused, no matter when or how it happened. They are also a referral centre for survivors of satanic and ritualistic abuse.

Watford Rape Crisis offers telephone and face to face support, sensitive to the individual's needs, as well as links to relevant organisations, information. They can also offer support to relatives or close friends of survivors of rape or sexual abuse.

If you are unable to reach the helpline the first time, please leave a message and the centre will reply.

PO Box 2356, Watford, WD18 1QD
Area serviced:
0845 3011165 / 01923 249511
Opening times:
Mondays & Saturdays 10am-12 noon, Wednesdays 7pm-9.00pm
Who is it for:
Anyone who has experienced sexual violence or abuse
Last updated: