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Find Your Voice

Find Your Voice creates fun, social singing programmes that are open to all. Join them for a cuppa, a chat and a sing as they work week on week towards getting you seen, heard and achieving. They run three main programmes in Harrow:

1) Xplore: parent and child (aged 0-5) multi-sensory singing sessions that use the music you love to improve family fitness, mood and wellbeing in a fun, friendly atmosphere. Using shakers, parachutes, songs and a whole heap of fun, Find Your Voice Xplore takes the whole group on a magical, musical interactive journey.

2) Xcite: learn to sing the music you love as part of this fun, friendly community choir. Each week everyone comes together as a group to sing the most popular songs around, culminating in performances and sharings across the borough. Everyone's welcome to join Find Your Voice Xcite, suggest songs, be part of their vibrant community and leave feeling confident, uplifted and like you could take on the world. Open to all aged 18+.

3) Xcel: Find Your Voice will give you the skills to stand up and perform your favourite songs in this supportive, high energy class. Their Find Your Voice teachers will guide you from choosing your songs through to learning, practicing, perfecting and performing locally. They'll give you the presentation skills that get you noticed and that help you Xcel. Find Your Voice Xcel is open to all enthusiastic and confident singers.

Area serviced:
020 7837 8066 or 079 8445 2415
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