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The Victoria Climbié Foundation UK

The Victoria Climbié Foundation was established by Victoria’s parents to campaign for improvements in child protection policies and practices and to ensure effective links & coordination between statutory agencies, care services and communities. VCF aims to advocate for the right of every child to be protected from abuse and to challenge crimes against children committed either by families, communities, or by the inaction of statutory and governmental agencies. They do this by:

- supporting young people to be ‘resilient’ and communities to ‘keep their children safe’

- inspiring agencies to ‘go the extra mile’ - by representing to them the impact of the quality and scope of their activities on individual children, families and communities

- ‘holding agencies to account’ for the quality of their services through advocacy and service/systems consultancy, and

- ‘taking the frontline message to central government’ about the challenges of safeguarding children in this economic and social climate

Their services are as follows:

- Community Education Service: empowering communities to safeguard their children by working with community groups and their service users to identify needs and tailor workshops to address these

- Active Listening Programme: an advocacy service for teenagers struggling with the impact of past or current abuse and neglect; provision of regular work placements for young people

- Victim Support Service, Serious Case Review Family Involvement & Support Package: advocating for families involved in court proceedings or who have lost a child through neglect or abuse, legal casework for children/families and facilitation of family engagement in serious case and domestic homicide reviews

- Practice consultancy: challenging and supporting child protection services to improve their service delivery - expert case work or review assessments, analysis and interventions, a community engagement strategy, tailored training for professionals, regular social work practice placements

- Campaigning: campaigning at a national level for improvements in child protection policy and practice, hosting a national conference every five years taking stock of improvements in UK child protection

And finally, their specialist programme:

- Protecting children across culture and faith: VCF is the leading organisation addressing harmful practices linked to faith or belief across all ethnicities, including witchcraft and spirit possession, FGM, trafficked children and Child Sexual Abuse

VCF Project Office, Dominion Arts Education Centre, 112 The Green, Southall, UB2 4BQ
Area serviced:
Local & national
020 8619 1191
Opening times:
Monday-Friday 8am-6pm
Waiting times:
They aim to respond to queries within 24 hours
Who is it for:
Anyone requiring services for children, young people, parents and carers
Disabled access:
Children welcome
Free for community
How to apply:
By phone or email
482, 105, E5, 195, H32 and 120
Last updated: